5 Reasons why Corporate Portraits Help Build Credibility for Your Small Business

If you’ve ever been to a company’s website and seen portraits of the CEO, executives, or employees, you know what corporate portraits are. Here are five reasons why you should have them taken for your business too.

1. Creating a more impressive online presence.

Customers love to have a more “human” image of a business, and putting friendly faces to the names. Plus, it gives credibility to your website and social media profiles to see the people behind the scenes.

2. Conveying professionalism.

A crisp photo in well-put-together business attire goes a long way to creating a professional image for each employee, as well as the company as a whole. This is the case whether you put them on your website or include them in a newsletter.

3. Demonstrating commitment to quality.

Having corporate portraits taken indicates that you’re willing to invest in quality: you’re not simply snapping photos with a point-and-shoot camera, but hiring a photography professional with the proper background and lighting equipment, as well as knowledge of composition and posing. This signals to your clients that you don’t cut corners and you’re committed to a polished product and image.

4. Developing a better brand identity.

Whether you only want headshots/group photos, or you want lifestyle photographs or work-in-process pictures for social media, corporate photographers can help you achieve the look and feel you want to convey your company brand in a certain way.

5. Improves your employer branding.

When you’re looking to hire and grow your business, you’ll attract more high-quality candidates if you look like a high-quality place to work. Plus, it makes potential candidates more comfortable if they’re able to associate names with faces of future coworkers ahead of time.

The small up-front investment of corporate photography can pay off for your business in a lot of intangible ways (that lead to tangible ones down the line). Increasing your trust, credibility, and professionalism is well worth taking the time to get them done.


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