6 Ways to Stick to Your Small Business Budget

Balancing your small business budget is essential to maintaining a healthy cash flow. Although you have to invest funds in getting your company off the ground and going, you must also be mindful of remaining within your limits. Here are some tips to help you keep your budget equilibrium.

Estimate Costs Liberally

Nothing can throw a small business budget off balance easier than burgeoning costs. When you plan costs, estimate on the high side. If they prove to be lower than expected, you’re money ahead, but if they are higher, you’re better prepared.

Compare Suppliers

Once you find vendors that meet particular needs, it’s easy to become comfortable in the relationships and retain them out of habit. However, you may be losing money by not obtaining the best available deal. Shop around for suppliers on an ongoing basis, and if you find better prices or terms, either switch vendors or renegotiate your agreements with the current ones.

Charge for Your Time

Your employees don’t work for free, and neither should you. Include a salary for yourself as the CEO in your company budget, and revisit this amount on a regular basis to ensure you are being paid fairly for your services.

Maintain Flexibility

Budgets are guidelines, not inflexible rules. Adjust your budget to fit the immediate circumstances. For instance, if an advertising campaign is taking off and bringing in substantial revenue, you may want to increase the amount designated for that particular promotion.

Incentivize Employees

Encourage your employees to remain within their budgetary guidelines by rewarding them when they do. Offering them profit-sharing bonuses and other perks for being budget-conscious motivates them to keep a close eye on what they spend.

Review the Budget Monthly

Revisit your small business budget on at least a monthly basis to be sure that you are not negatively varying from its parameters. Watch for areas of overspending and rein in the excess. Budgets work best if you refer to them regularly.

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