Building a Successful Business Team: How-To Guide

Building great business teams involves more than simply hiring the right personnel, training them properly, and imparting your business goals and objectives to them. In order to create an empowered team which you can rely on to advance your company’s ideals, there’s a few steps you have to take to create the right environment for that powerful team.

Have a clear plan

First of all, you have to provide your business team members with a clear plan of what your objectives are for the business, without necessarily giving them a specific roadmap on how to get there. Empowerment is all about letting your employees find the best way to achieve company objectives.

Establish values

It’s important to have a common set of values across all members of your team, so that each individual has an understanding of what is expected of him/her. This may develop all on its own among your team members, but if it doesn’t – be prepared to step in and give some advice on behaviors and time usage, for instance.

Create a culture of mutual respect

By creating a culture of mutual respect, each member of your business team will feel like his/her opinion really matters, and that whatever contribution is made will be appreciated. If anyone does not feel respected, that person will probably not be a big contributor on your team.

Emphasize individual contributions

Any team is always much stronger when individuals make a huge effort to contribute to the business team. Great team work is made possible by individuals making maximum contributions and respecting the contributions of others.

Don’t shy away from the difficult conversations

Communication between team members is absolutely essential, even when the subject matter may be unpleasant or difficult to discuss. Everyone on your team should have the understanding that there are no taboo subjects, and that even the most embarrassing or unpleasant topics which affect the team as a whole, need to be addressed.

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