Business Operations: 10 Ways to Streamline your Business Ops

10 Ways to Streamline your Business Ops

If you constantly feel overwhelmed while operating your business–like there’s always a new unexpected crisis demanding your attention–you need to improve your business operations. Use these tips to streamline your business operations so you can avoid stress and focus on making your business a success.

1. Keep important documents on a central server. This way, you’ll always know where to find them and can back everything up daily.

2. If you get a lot of voicemails, look into getting a VoIP service (Voice Over Internet Protocol). This will help you store, manage, and listen to voicemails in a more organized way.

3. Automate your billing process. A lot of accounting software will automatically generate invoices (or at least automatic reminders for you to send them).

4. Set up an informative, clear website. If customers can easily find the information they need online, they won’t need to bother you or your staff for answers to common product or service questions.

5. Use an online payroll service that also files your taxes. This will save you a lot of scrambling for documents when tax filing day comes.

6. Pay as many bills in advance as you can. This often comes with a cost savings, as well as saving time. For instance, if you can pay insurance bills for the entire year, that could save hundreds of dollars compared to paying monthly.

7. Hire selectively. You want a staff you can rely on, and people like that are few and far between. Vet future employees thoroughly to build a team like that.

8. Build strong supply-chain relationships. You want reliable suppliers who provide timely and quality service to you. By all means, shop around at first, but once you find a supplier you mesh with, keep them around.

9. Less talk, more action. Ask yourself how many staff meetings you really need, and how many are just noise. If you can send out an email with the pertinent information your employees need, you might be able to switch actual sit-down meeting frequency to monthly instead of weekly or daily.

10. Remember to spend some time unplugged and off the clock. A healthy work-life balance is important for staying focused and avoiding burnout.

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