Business Teams: The Benefit of Teams within a Business Environment

Business Teams: The Benefit of Teams within a Business Environment

Taking time to build business teams that function well has many benefits. The sum is larger than its parts. In other words, business teams working together are able to produce more and better products than total of what each individual worker could do on his or her own. It is important to be a team player and it will help workers get ahead in the corporate world as well.

Business teams defined: Business teams are groups of people working together for a common business purpose or goal. As anyone who has been a part of a team before knows, having a team that works well together can make a huge impact on business results which is why team building is so important.

Benefits of business teams over individual workers: 

• Generate more diverse and higher quality ideas

• Motivate and encourage each other

• Take smart business risks more often

• Often have a better balance of skills and talents for a wider range of tasks

• Supportive and create a sense of community

• Create mentoring and growth opportunities

Stages of team development: There are four stages of team development according to B W Tuckman; forming, storming, norming and performing. In the forming stage, team members get to know each other and start to create rules on how they will function together. In the storming phase, team members have disagreements and there often is conflict over how to work best together.  In the norming stage, the team works together to create processes and procedures to better reflect how they best work together as a group.  In the performing stage, the norms have been established and the team is functioning well.

How to build a great business team: There are a lot of team building methods and ideas available.  The best advice is to seek out a professional consultant who can help you create a team that works well together and troubleshoot any problems you may encounter.

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