How To Come Up With A Small Business Name

There are a lot of big decisions when it comes to starting a small business, and those big decisions can be all consuming, but when it comes to choosing your company’s name, you’ll want to sweat the small stuff. The few words you attach to your business have the power to incite interest, catch like wildfire, and stay on the tips of tongues for years to come. That’s some pressure. So, how do you decide what to name your small business?

Match Tone and Personality

Your name will be the first thing associated with your business. What do you want it to say about who you are? Are you fun-loving and a little silly? Are you serious and straightforward? Match the tone of your name to your company’s personality. Start establishing your brand with a name you relate to and are proud of.

Keep It Simple

Long names, complicated names, and difficult names to spell are all bad ideas for retaining customers. While exploring your options, aim to keep your names simple and clear. You can have fun with the construction of your name (compounds, acronyms, etc), but it should be memorable and easy to recall. Memorable names are also great for marketing through word of mouth. You might also consider your target audience (gender, age, interest, etc). Will they be able to immediately connect to a brand name that’s intended for them?

Make It Legal

Unfortunately, you can’t just think of a name and go with it without checking the proper avenues. Make sure there are no companies with a current trademark on the name you want. A lawsuit is the last thing you want while launching your business. Also, check available domain names and social media accounts that would allow for clear assignment to your small business.

Get Help

What’s a better way to decide if a name is catchy, then asking everyone you know! Speak to friends, family, colleagues, and potential customers to determine what’s working in the name and what needs to change. The process will be worthwhile when your business grows, brand sticks, and you’re enjoying the spoils of success.


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