A Commercial Mortgage Solution You Can Count On

If this is your first foray into the commercial real estate market, then you’re about to quickly discover that the greatest challenge you’ll face when trying to secure a new commercial location is not finding a property, but rather obtaining the financing. Traditional landers will often make you wade through miles of red tape, which can delay or even threaten your transaction. Fortunately, we here at the Smart Capital Lending Group can offer you a better solution.

Detailing Stated Income Loan Qualifications

We’ve helped countless business owners and executives in your position get into the properties that they covet through our Stated Income Commercial Real Estate Loan program. Just what are stated income loans? They are lending tools that focus more on the assets being purchased than your business credit profile. When considering your application, we’ll evaluate the property to try and ascertain whether or not it can generate sufficient income to cover the following expenses:

  • Your monthly mortgage payment
  • Property taxes
  • Associated loan fees

If we believe it can, then you have an excellent chance of qualifying, even with a credit score as low as 600.

Benefits of Securing a Stated Income Loan

Our stated income loans can help you secure any kind of property, from restaurants, warehouses, apartments, or office and retail space. All loans are offered at market-competitive rates, and can be arranged for amounts of up to $500,000. You can also use a stated income loan for purposes other buying a new property. Others have found them to be great tools to helping refinance their current commercial mortgages or consolidate their business debt.

The most successful businesses tend to be those that think outside of the proverbial box. Following that line of thinking, what’s more radical than forgoing traditional financing options and instead choosing to fund your next commercial real estate purchase with a stated income loan? Our team of financial professionals here at the Smart Capital Lending Group can’t wait to show you all of the advantages that such a loan has to offer you and your business. To get your application started, contact us today.