Eco-Friendly Business Practices for a Green Company

Adopting eco-friendly business practices not only lessens your company’s footprint on the environment, but also leads to increased productivity and profit. Many customers lean towards favoring businesses that are environmentally aware. Here are some suggestions on how you can implement eco-friendly green policies in your company.

Use Green Supplies

Purchase supplies and equipment with the environment in mind. For instance, locally-printed business cards on recycled paper with non-toxic ink are constant reminders of your company’s eco-friendly stance. Purchase cleaning supplies that don’t harm the environment and wood products from companies that replant forests. Eliminate toxic Styrofoam cups for beverages, and encourage employees to keep their own distinctive coffee mugs.

Grow Plants

An abundance of plants not only beautifies the office, but also helps create a healthier interior environment by removing toxins from the air. Studies show that plants scattered throughout the workplace may increase productivity. Planting a garden with trees around the exterior of your building has a positive environmental impact on your area that is good for PR.

Conserve Energy

Switching to eco-friendly energy-efficient lighting and equipment is an investment that both conserves energy and saves money on electric bills in the long run. To further save energy, turn off the air conditioners and open the windows on temperate days. Remind your employees to switch off computers and power strips before they go home. To cut down on consumption of gas and oil, promote the use of public transportation and carpooling. When possible, meet with clients through video conferencing rather than face-to-face to save on fuel. Telecommuting is another fuel-saving option for employees who are able to efficiently perform their work from home.

Reduce Waste and Recycle

To reduce the need for storage space and the use of paper, save documents digitally on USB flash drives or CDs. Use print on demand technology to create paper documents only when you need them. Be sure that kitchens and break rooms have recycling areas and that paper recycling bins sit beside every desk.

For more tips on eco-friendly business practices for your company, contact Smart Capital Lending Group.


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