Time Management Tips to Create a Better Work-Life Balance

While it’s nice to say that technology improves our lives, it isn’t always the case.

Things like email, texting and social media allow us to connect instantly with people around the world, and never miss out on a news item or work update.

But as cool as these things are, they also can be trouble when we look for ways to improve our time management. Even the best plan to buckle down and use our time better seems to fall apart every time there’s a new message or email.

It may not be realistic to eliminate these things altogether, especially if your job requires regular check-ins and communication, but there can be ways to reduce or change your usage while striving for better time management.

Start with these suggestions:

Schedule check-ins

Rather than interrupting tasks when a message comes through, set a time for this each day, perhaps five minutes once an hour or once in the morning or the afternoon. Start by changing your phone or computer settings to mute notifications or not have new messages pop up.

Check in before you start work

Many people’s work days starts by sitting down and catching up on news from the day before or earlier in the day. But what if this can be done before work or on your way in (safely) so you can jump right in to your daily duties?

Time yourself

If you have multiple projects in motion and have a hard time jumping from task to task, consider putting your watch or phone on your desk or setting your computer’s timer. This will be a visual reminder that you are limiting yourself to a certain amount of minutes per task.

Conduct an ‘audit’

Jot down your routine in a typical week.  Are there parts of your schedule that can be eliminated, done another time or delegated? This can also give you an idea of how much time you spend on big and small things that add up.

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